10 Minutes Workout To Tone Full Body


A workout is also a very important part of our daily routine as eating food, sleeping and other things we do. But often people skip the workout with a very stupid excuse of not having time. Therefore, today in this blog I will show you some sets of simple workouts which you can easily do it in 10 minutes. You can say it a 10-Minute Total-Body toning exercise.

These 10-Minute exercises will tone your full body. As a beginner, I would suggest you do it 3 days a week. After that, you may increase the number of days and also a difficulty level of exercises.

You might be thinking, why I am emphasizing so much in adding exercise in your daily life. So, the answer is…

First of all our body is meant to move not to sit. So, exercises are the best way to keep your body in active mode. Exercises not only help you to look better but it is very necessary for physical fitness. Regular exercising also decreases the risk of rising diseases like high blood pressure, obesity and type 2 diabetes etc. Other than this Exercises have some other benefits also let have a look…..

Benefits of Exercises:

  • Exercises strengthen the heart, bones, and lungs.
  • It helps to keep arteries and veins clear
  • It reduces the blood sugar levels
  • It controls the body weight
  • It helps to prevent cancer
  • It also regulates the blood pressure
  • It improves energy levels
  • It also enhances the emotional well-being and improves the energy level

10 minutes full body toning workout

Here, I have mentioned 10-minute total body toning workout in three parts LEVEL – 1 (BEGINNERS), LEVEL – 2 (INTERMEDIATE), LEVEL – 3 (EXPERTS) respectively.

Before starting this 10-minute body toning exercises one should warm up his / her body and again after completing the exercises you should do stretching.

For warm up, you can walk or jog for 3-4 kilometers or march or you can do skipping or cycling also.

MUST: While performing any of these exercise mentioned below, you come a cross with any sort of pain in any of your body part. Do concern with the doctor instead to continuing it.


1. Push-Up on Knees 

knee push up

Equipment Needed: A Mat

  • Start with plank position, keep your arms straight and shoulder above the wrist.
  • Keep your knees on the ground, and legs together
  • Slowly bend your elbows and lower your chest to the floor
  • Keep your head and knees straight and come upward.
  • Engage your core and chest

How many times to do: 5 times

NOTE: People having a problem in their knees are not advised to do this exercise. And beginners can also use a soft pillow to keep their knees on it for starting few days.

2. Body-weight Squats


Equipment Needed: None

  • Stand straight with both the feet at hip-width.
  • Push your butt back and lower just like a chair position
  • Keep your abs tight and lift your chest
  • Push yourself through your heels and return to standing position.

How many times to do: 10 times

NOTE: People having problem in their knees and back are highly recommended to not to do this exercise.

3. Plank Taps


Equipment Needed: A Mat

  • Take a plank position with your wrists under your shoulders and tighten abs
  • Lower your knees to the floor.
  • Touch your opposite hand to opposite shoulder

How many times to do: 16 times

4. Jumping Jacks

jumping jacks

Equipment Needed: None

  • Stand straight with your feet’s together and keep your arms by your sides
  • Jump by making your arms out together
  • In same time raise your arms so that they meet your overhead
  • Jump back by lowering your arms back down to your sides

How many times to do: 20 times

NOTE: People having problem in breathing or suffering from asthma are advised to not to do this exercise.

Important: Do as many circuits as you can do in 10 minutes. And also rest for 45 seconds in between circuits.

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Repeat all the Exercises: 10 times

Equipment Needed: A Resistance band (for few exercises)

As there are 6 exercises as compare to the first stage there were only 4 and in addition number of times to repeat exercise is being also increased so, try to do these exercises fast so, that you are able to complete it in 10 minutes.

1. The ¾ push-up and full push up

A) The ¾ push-up (push – up on knee)

How to do:

  • Keep your hands beneath your shoulders and keep your arms extended,
  • Flatten your palms and keep your fingers forward facing position.
  • Make sure your knees are touching the floor.
  • Bend your elbows and lower your chest down
  • Push yourself back up

B) Full push up

full push up

How to do:

  • Here, you have to do just same as above. The only difference is in this your legs will be straight and knees will be off to the floor.
  • In this exercise keep your legs and back straight all the time.

2. Triceps Dip


How to do:

  • Sit on the floor with bending your knees
  • Keep your feet and hands on the floor
  • Lift your hips off the floor and slowly bend your elbows and lower your body close
  • Slowly push yourself back up

NOTE: People having problem in their back are advised not to perform this exercise.

3. Shoulder Press and shoulder press with a lunge

A) Shoulder Press

How to do:

  • Stand straight in the middle of the resistance band
  • Bend your arms to your sides, and raise the fists to shoulder level.
  • Without lifting your shoulders, slowly extend your arms above your head until they come together,
  • Make a grip on hands while doing this and return back to the starting position

B) Shoulder press with a lunge

shoulder press with lunge

How to do:

  • Keep your left foot in the middle of resistance band and hold both the ends with your hands
    bend your left leg and keep your arms straight
  • Stretch the band over your head as per your comfortability
  • Return back to your previous position

Note: this exercise you can do without band also other than that, follow the same steps.

4. Squat

How to do:

  • As for Beginners, the steps shown for squat follow the same.
  • You can modify these by using weights or keeping your hands parallel to the floor or you can invent some more tricks to increase its difficulty level

5. Stomach crunch


How to do:

  • Lie down on the floor at your back,
  • Bend your knees and put your hands behind your head
  • Keeping your lower back on the floor, raise your shoulder but don’t push your neck towards your chest
  • Slowly get back to the previous position

6. Back raise

back raise

How to do:

  • Lie down on your chest on the floor
  • Keep your hands on your temples or extended out at front
  • Keep your legs together and your feet on the ground,
  • Raise your shoulders off the floor and other body parts straight and look down

NOTE: People having pain in their back are not advised to enact this exercise.


In this stage distribute the exercises in two parts Set – 1 and Set – 2 and follow it on alternatives day. Like,

Monday – Wednesday – Friday: Set – 1

Tuesday – Thursday –Saturday: Set – 2

Sunday: Rest


Set – 1

  1. Walking lunge – 10 times each leg
  2. Side lunge – 10 times each side
  3. Butt kick – 25 times each leg
  4. High knee – 25 times each leg

 Set – 2

  1. Arm circle – 20 times each leg
  2. Trunk twist – 20 times each side
  3. Side bend – 20 times each side
  4. Toe touch – 15 times

You can try some more different – different types of exercises by watching You Tubes and other videos.


Now, I believe that you don’t have an excuse for not having time for workouts. Try the above mentioned 10-Minute Total-Body toning exercises and enjoy the healthy life and a toned body. Please follow the sequence of the first stage, second stage, and third stage respectively so that your body accepts the changes you made in your daily routine by adding exercises in it.