13 Essential Things You Should Do Right Away to Lose Weight After 40


In our teens and twenties losing weight is as easy as having an extra scoop of ice cream or adding some exercises in our daily routines.

But as the age increases it is easy to gain weight and harder to lose weight.

After crossing the age of 40, there are lots of changes starts taking place in our body and the metabolic rate gets slower.

So, it has become a lot easier to put on extra weight.

Therefore the people over 40 needs to follow needs to step ahead for weight loss, so today in this article I am going to describe how to lose weight after 40.

In my earlier articles, I had shared various diet plans, exercises, yoga poses and guidelines for complete weight loss.

These are effective for weight loss but with the growing age, you need to become more curious about your health.

Commonly the women need to become more inquisitive after crossing 40s as they go through physical changes like menopause and start losing muscles.

So, the women should start implementing the essential things to lose weight after 40 or even start following in their 30s.

here in this article, I am sharing common things that are both essential for men as well as women to lose weight with growing age and stay fit and healthy.

Below check out the simple but effective steps to slim down after 40

Things You Should Do to Lose Weight After 40


1. Avoid Skipping Breakfast

In many weight loss tips, it is often recommended to avoid skipping breakfast.

Morning breakfast is essential to keep yourself energized and as well rev up your metabolism.

And with the growing age, it is important to get the complete nutrients to lose weight.

The diet experts recommend starting your day with healthy morning meal like eating oatmeal or high fibre food items with fruit.

This will help you to control the mid-morning hunger and grabbing unhealthy food items like chips, chocolates and other snacks or overeat at lunch.

So, if you are having the habit of skipping breakfast than switch this with eating healthy and tasty breakfast.

2. Eat Fruits and Veggies

Eat more fruits and veggies after crossing your 40s at this stage you need more amount of nutrients to keep your body energised and burn more calories.

Try eating fruits in the intervals when you feel hungry. Fresh fruits such as apple, berries and other seasonal fruits are full of protein, fibre and healthy as well.

In your meal includes more green veggies than other food items, this helps you to keep full for the long time period.

Veggies have more nutrients and less fat and calories as compared to meat, other dairy product and grains.

And also help you to feel satisfied and easy to digest.

3. Adjust Your Eating Habits

At this stage in your life, it is important to maintain your eating habits for maximum energy.

You need to keep yourself full without surrendering to the temptation of eating like your 20s.

In a study, it is recommended to eat more often but less at each sitting.

Try eating 5-6 meals daily at 4-5 hours intervals. This little change helps you in keeping the blood sugar stable and prevent your body from storing fat.

Also, remember to eat less but healthy nutritious food in every meal.

You need to trick your body into feeling satisfied and full all the times still by eating less.

4. Build Muscle

Commonly after crossing 40, people start losing muscle, especially women after menopause.

Muscle burns more calories than fat, also slow down metabolism and it becomes harder to burn stubborn fat.

Try the strength training exercises, weight lifting or do the body-weight exercises such as push-ups and squats twice a week to avoid losing muscles.

Diet plays an important role in weight loss but this alone won’t help you much principally after 40.

Try daily 30-minutes activity for a good start and slowly rev it up with simple activities like walking, doing household activities, going for grocery shopping and others

Add 4-5 weekly resistance training sessions to keep the muscles mass and burn more calories.

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5. Cut off the Beverages

If you are having the habit of drinking sugar-sweetened coffee, tea, soft drinks or other energy drinks than consuming them.

These are the main culprit behind gaining weight. Replace these drinks with water or with another zero calories beverages.

Commonly the sweet drinks have lots of sugar added and make you gain weight as well raises the risk for diabetes.

So skip these beverages and drink green tea. This is healthy and as well helpful for burning fat.

6. Avoid Stress

Stress is another main reason for adding extra fat to your body.

Well, in today busy life having stress is common, with lots of work, family pressure one easily get stressed and go into depression.

Having stress can more likely splurge you on eating unhealthy food and make it harder for you to cut out the fat.

Try doing the activities like yoga, deep breathing, going for walk, do the activities that give you happiness, meditate or even read the good motivational book.

Try the activities, which help you in relieving stress.

7. Avoid Consuming Alcohol

Consuming alcohol can be fun but this is not good for health.

A glass of beer or wine is having 150 calories and consuming it can simply add these unnecessary calories in your body.

And with the growing age having unnecessary calories is hard to burn.

Consuming alcohol can make you feel hungry and you can eat more while drinking.

So, avoid this habit not only to lose weight but also for staying healthy.

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8. Get Time for Exercise

With the growing age and responsibilities of jobs, family and commute activities many people won’t have time to work out.

But just like responsibilities, doing some workout or physical activities is also essential for the overall health and weight.

To get fit and active it is necessary to do at least half an hour moderate physical activities daily to burn more calories and increase your metabolism.

If you are not able to do it regularly, then try doing it 2-3 days weekly, make it your priority and include it in your regular routine.

9. Sleep More to Lose Weight

Commonly after crossing 35 most of the people find it hard to get the required sleep.

With the growing age, sleep become more elusive not just due to busier or stressed life but also other physical issues as well.

But, getting a good night sleep is essential for losing weight. As during sleeping over body become more metabolically active and burns more inner fat and function properly.

So, implement some healthy habits, avoid certain things that cause lack of sleep like avoid using gadgets while going to bed, sleeping late night, watching television late night and others.  

At least take 6-8 hours tight sleep to increase your metabolism and wake fresh and active in the morning.

10. Have Your Thyroid Checked

Well if after eating healthy and regularly excising you are still not losing weight, then you need to go for a thyroid checkup.

It might happen your thyroid is not working properly. This is a common medical problem and 5 % of people are found suffering from this particularly the women.

 Additionally, with weight gain, this can cause other issues like fatigue, joint or muscle pain, depression also.

So, if the results are positive, then consult a doctor for proper medication.

11. Get Support

Well, doing anything alone is boring, and tough, so you can join weight loss group, ask your friends for early morning walk, your partner, join gym or health centre and others

This will keep you motivated and avoid getting bored easily.

With other people, you can keep your goal accountable and they can even cheer you to make progress.

This can be fun and easy to achieve goals.

12. Avoid Doing Dieting

Just like other 40s, you are packing extra pounds, and make plenty of resolution to on a diet or fasting. But this rarely works.

Fasting or going on diet rarely works to lose weight, this even makes you weak and can cause other health issues.

Instead of skipping meals eat high-fibre food to stay full for the long time period and eat less.

Fasting and dieting can also slow down the metabolic rate and as well burn fewer calories.

So, at this stage, you need to make a slow and gradual adjustment in your diet and fuel your energy.

13. Make Slow, Practical Changes In Your Lifestyle.

With the growing age, it is also important to change your lifestyle as well.

Implement some healthy changes like jogging, walking and focus on cutting down the number of calories slowly.

It is important to make slow changes as Slow and Steady Wins the Race; this is safe for your body and as well allows your body to manage changes.

Apart from that, set small goals like lose 1-2 pounds for 5-6 weeks help you to achieve the desired result effectively.

Do the activities that rev up your metabolic rate and burn more calories.

Apart from that “Keep Yourself Motivated and Happy” to shed pounds and get in shape easily.

The Way Forward

So, these are some effective changes that you need to start following to start losing weight after crossing your 40.

Well, if you are a woman then you need to be more inquisitive about your health especially when you crossing your 40s.

As your health goes through various physical changes, and you need to be more attentive about your health at this stage.

Try the given changes to get an effective result and get in shape.

Make slow and steady changes in your regular routine and achieve your goal effectively.

Apart from that below check out the comparison of weight loss supplements. Read the complete review and even make use of any of them that you find effective and lose weight naturally and safely.

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