Top 10 Ways To Lose 10kg Weight In Just 1 Month Without Any Exercises

Lose 10kg Weight In Just 1 Month Without Any Exercises

Lose weight safely and permanently without starving is much important. Here are the perfect low-calories, high nutritious diet plan and fat burning exercises that help you overcoming your weight problem. Strictly stick to this diet plan and 15 minutes morning workout for 30 days and see difference in your weight.

Lose weight simply by dieting and avoiding daily workouts, however it works far better and faster if you do both. Below here are some most effective ways to lose 10 kg of body weight in just one month without exercising.

Before moving on how to lose weight of around 10 kg in just one month without exercises. It’s important to know what are the main causes of your weight gain, so that you work accordingly.

Why People Gain Weight?

There are many causes behind your weight gain, here are the few culprits.

1. Unhealthy Food habits

If you eat more than your required calorie limits then it will definitely leads to weight gain. Male requires not more than 2100 calories per day but a female require 1800 calories per day. Intake of more calorie than this range will make you overweight. So it’s better to follow the 1200 calories meal plan.

2. Inactive Lifestyle

If you are not leading active lifestyle then it means you are using your calories that you eat which later takes the form of fat in your body. If the amount of calories consumed is more than the consumed one then those are get stored as fat deposits.  Be sure to perform some aerobic exercises or yoga asana for at least 30 minutes. Opt for 7 minutes HIIT workout which burns more calories in very less time.

3. Medical Complications

In some medical complication like Cushing’s syndrome, Polycystic Ovary etc.. It is found that weight automatically increases. Since these issues are not in your hand to control. But it will be better to consult with your doctor for any further issues due to weight gain.

4. Pregnancy

Women also gain weight during the time of pregnancy and its quiet difficult for many to get rid of it after the baby is born. It’s not that impossible to lose weight after pregnancy if you have the dedication.

How To Lose 10 Kg Of Weight In Just 1 Month?

#1 Eat Complex Carbohydrates

For the faster weight but healthier weight loss it’s important to eat complex carbohydrates. As carbohydrate, fiber and protein rich food helps in boosting metabolism and they are easier to digest. They are quiet low in calories which makes them perfect energy source for your body.

2# Dairy Foods

Milk and yogurts are great source of calcium and effective for losing weight too. If you are lacto adductor than drink soya milk soya yogurt and avoid eating ice-creams and sugary milk shakes.

3# Switch Regular Sugar to Stevia Sugar

Consumption of sugar in your diet will only produce fat so switch to stevia. As this ensures that your body doesn’t store body fat unlike regular sugar. Stevia sugar contains zero calories and is 300 times sweeter than regular sugar. So ,now you can freely enjoy your sugary sweets like cake, biscuits by adding stevia sugar.

4#Lemon Drink Before and After Each Meal

Add few drops of lemon in some hot water and drink it before and after taking you meal. This helps in easy melting of your body fat and also ensures that you have quick digestion.  But don’t add too much of lemon in your drink otherwise it will put side effect like flickering eye movements.

5#The Sun and Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very much essential for many things and make sure that you get enough sunshine to produce enzyme. Theses enzymes help you to lose weight in long term. Make sure you step outside for couple of hours each day.

Don’t exceed your calorie consumption limit above than 1200 of calories to lose 10kg or 22.5lbs in just 1 month without exercising.

6#Bedtime Fat Burning Drink 

A glass of warm water before bedtime can help us sleep better and lose weight simultaneously.It flushes out toxins while you sleep, relax muscles, rehydrates your body, aids better digestion of food and melts down body fat.

Make sure to drink at least 9-10 glasses of water in a day to lose weight.

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Dietitian recommends fish is quiet effective in weight loss as fish is quiet effective for weight loss. Fishes are lesser in fat consumption as compared to chicken or meat. Fish like salmon fish are rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Eat roasted, baked or grill fish as it contain lesser oil, instead of frying it.

8#Steamed or Boiled Food

Consume steamed or boiled food as it is much better than fried foods. As, this prevents in adding extra calories to your body. If it’s necessary to fry then use olive oil. If you are completely dedicated for your weight loss goal then you should completely avoid fried foods and snacks.


Most of the people have such misconception that sleep increases the weight which is completely wrong. Actually the fact is body needs to digest the amount of foods that you intake time to time. So your body needs a stable sleep of at least 8 hours to complete entire digestion procedure.  But if it’s not possible for you then at least take a nap of half an hour in the day time. This helps in keeping your mind and body stress free and relived.

10#Brown Rice

Rice that you eat contains nothing than the carbohydrate. It doesn’t contain any other medical benefits. It’s better to replace your white rice with the brown rice which is rich in fiber and low in carbs.

  • Helps in proper regulation of body metabolism.
  • Rich in fiber and low in carbohydrate along with that contains vitamin B, E and Magnesium.
  • Small cup of brown rice makes you feel fuller for longer duration, so you don’t eat those unhealthy snacks in between the gaps.


be regular with these lifestyle changes even after the weight loss. As it will help you in giving long lasting result.