Know The Japanese Way To Lose Weight With A Towel

Know The Japanese Way To Lose Weight With A Towel

Today losing weight is like achieving life goal and why not after all there are so many things to do from dieting to exercising till you drop few of those extra kilos.

People who all are choosing the daunting ways of losing weight through more physical exercise and rigorous dieting regimes. But do you know you can easily shed your extra pound without any compromising with your diet or without doing any hectic exercise.

Now the question arises how this is possible to lose weight without dieting or exercising. So, the most effective and easiest way of losing weight is with a towel roll which is a Japanese technique.

If you have not heard or read about this Japanese technique of losing weight with towel then read how this is possible. Give a low down of how you can lose weight at home without investing single money from your pocket.

Losing Weight with the Japanese Weight Loss Method


Stop wasting your money away on expensive weight loss pills that are actually effective your body system very badly. You must have jumped through all the hoops, i.e. trying extreme exercise, diet fads and weight loss supplements but at the end the result is nothing.

Don’t lose hope; the Japanese weight loss method can work for you and as it is free so you need not to worry about the money expenses. You can do it right at your home and all you need to do is simply follow a plan. You can easily get off your extra pound by consistently following up the program.

Benefits of Japanese Towel Exercise

Benefits of Japanese Towel Exercise

This exercise not only includes weight loss but beside that it helps in effectively curing your back pain and further strengthening your abdomen. The main scientific reason behind this is that any extra layer of fat around the belly is basically a result of dislocation of your pelvis. His Japanese exercise claims to correct the pelvis placement, which automatically works in shaping your waistline.


Before trying up this Japanese exercise at home to lose weight using the towel makes sure you consult your doctor.  Especially, if you are suffering from any niggling back issues.

Roll Over: Japanese Way of Losing Weight

Japanese Way of Losing Weight

In order to create awareness among the people about the side effects have wrong posture, this Japanese weight loss technique is implanted. This helps the people in combating back their back pain problem and strengthening their abdominal muscles for weight loss. This kind of posture correction helps in faster weight loss over a time.

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You just need 5 minutes to do this Japanese towel exercise. Here is the complete step on how to perform this:

  1. Take a towel and roll it.
  2. Now sit down on the floor starching your leg in outward direction in such a way that there is maximum 8-10 inches of gap is present between both the feet.
  3. Place the rolled towel behind your back.
  4. Now lay down on the floor in a straight position with towel placed under your waist.
  5. Bring your both toes together but maintain the distance between the heels.
  6. Your feet should be positioned like a triangle pointing upwards. Keep your feet positioned like a triangle pointing upwards. Keep your body along in the same position.
  7. After then lift your arms and take them over your head, almost touching it with the floor.
  8. Try and join your pinky fingers too.
  9. Now you will see that your body almost arched like a inverted boat.
  10. Hold this position for 5 minutes.
  11. Feel burning sensation and slight pain in the beginning which ease with practice.


This looks easy but holding it for longer period can be tough task. Do it when you are able to do it comfortably until you got complete command over it.

Other Shortcut Ways To Lose Weight Easily And Instantly:

Walk The Walk

You don’t need to walk 5 miles to lose weight, the purpose of exercising is to increase your body metabolism and strengthen the muscle to burn more fat. Yet, only a simple walk of 20 minutes is more than enough but it needs your regular attention.

Flush Yourself Out

You believe it or not but the best shortcut to weight loss is drinking water as it remove off your extra body fat. Most of the body weight gain within the fast period of time comes from water retention and eating high sodium foods similarly, to lose most of the weight  in short period of time water intake is perfect and easy solution to this.

Ease The Salt

 You also need to low your consumption of salt to avoid water retention from your body that tends to swell your tissues and make you feel “fluffy”. If you are a great lover of salty things then species will be a great solution to this.

Cut In Half

Food is only an essential part of life to live rather it’s not the life. You can satisfy carvings by cutting down the portions in half or quarters and enjoy them in different times rather than eating the huge quantity at once.

Get Enough Sleep:

Sleep is perfect way for weight management because it puts so many effects to your hormones that controls burning of your body fat and marinating muscle. The better your hormonal balance the better your weight management.

Eat Citrus Everyday:

Vitamin C stops the production of cortisol, a hormone that helps your body to store fat. For this you can take a grapefruit slice with breakfast.

Say Yes To Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate contain some anti-oxidants that helps to lose weight but it don’t mean you can eat too much of the Sugar substitutes as most of chocolates contain sugar only which is not good for your weight loss plan.

Wrap up:

You will surely shed off your excessive body weight with this Japanese weight loss trick and side by side following the shortcuts of weight loss. But don’t get impatient have some patience while trying these things, as it won’t create any magic on just 1-2 days of trying.

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