Effective Ways to Lose Body Fat Percentage in Different Overweight Stages!


Losing body fat can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Knowing the difference between misinformation and what really works will help you achieve what you are looking for.

Having high body fat percentage sets the stage for serious health issues that come with being overweight or obese such as chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer

In a study, it is confirmed that body fat percentages greater than 20 percent for men and 30 percent for women are considered high.

The higher body fat percentage is not only dangerous for the health but also makes you look fat in front of others and lowers the body fat percentage.

But there are no shortcuts or tricks for losing body fat quickly.

Today here in this article I am going to describe the complete information how to lower body fat percentage.

Well, losing weight is important but it is also important to know what to do when. There are some exercises that you need to follow with your stage.

Here check out what you need to follow to reduce body fat percentage as per your stage.

What and When To Do:

There are tips that go well with the person who is starting out, while others are for the people who are experienced and looking to get lean for a bodybuilding contest.

However, the tips like drinking plenty of water are important for anyone who is looking to lower body fat percentage.

Here check out the specific tips to take right steps for where you are on the weight loss journey.

There are different overweight stages so here we have described each stage individually to know your stage and as well what you need to do for losing weight.

1. Overweight Significant Stage: Time to Get Started

significant stage

If you are having a considerable body fat amount of 40 pounds or more than the best strategy is lose weight slowly with practical, long-term approach.

However, it might seem tempting to lower body fat percentage faster, by following the crash diets and intense training but they aren’t the best options.

Intense training put too much strain on organs and joints, especially if you are not used to it.

And in the crash diets, the calories were strictly restricted may seem like they work great in beginning and this is the reason they are called crash diets.

It is quite difficult to stick to it and as a result, the early weight loss comes right after when you avoid following the crash diet again.

So, this is the reason here we recommend you to keep your plan easy, practical and successful:

  • Try to add more fruits and veggies to your diet and assure you are getting the right amount of protein at every meal.
  • Include moderate exercise like aerobics/cardio (cycling, walking, swimming etc.) and lights weight with repetitions like 15 per set or more.

These are effective to lower body fat percentage is the safe and healthy way.

2. Overweight Moderate Stage: Time to Work Hard

work hard

In this moderate stage, you are having around 20 pounds of fat to lose. So in this stage, it is good to lose body fat slowly by combining low-intensity and high-intensity training, with the sensible eating approach.

Things you need to follow:

  • In your diet include lots of proteins, good fats and complex carbs as well.
  • Follow moderate exercise with both cardio like walking, cycling and strength training with fairly heavy weights that you can handle for 10-12 repetition per set.
  • Include the irregular HIIT sessions after losing first few pounds. Once a week is sufficient.

3. Overweight Smooth Stage: Only 10 Pounds to Lose

10 pounds to lose

Well, here you need to lose only 10 pounds; this stage is regarded as normal and healthy.

But there is the absence of muscle definition due to thin fat layer.

Commonly this stage is seen in the off-season bodybuilders.

Follow the methods, for dropping additional fat to disclose a muscular physique.

  • Weight train the entire muscle groups using 8-12 repetitions.
  • Train aerobically with one moderate-intensity session and four HIIT sessions per week.
  • Eat plenty of veggies
  • Stagger the calories intake: three lower-calorie days followed by two higher-calorie days.

4. The In-Shape Stage: Get Ready To Compete

3-4 body fat

If you are only having 3-4 pounds of body fat percentage to lose than try lots of HIIT to rev up the fat burning process. This will help you to reveal a ripped, muscular physique.

Well, the person who is out-of-shape, HIIT might overkill, but the person who is in shape and advanced it is PERFECT.

It is best as this takes advantage of already in-shaped efficient fat burning abilities.

Only doing HIIT sessions five times a week is enough.

Here follow what you need to do to burn remaining body fat:

  • Per week do five HIIT sessions.
  • 3-4 days a week try to strength train,  use 8-12 repetitions per set pushing the intensity
  • Stagger your calories intake: have three lower-calorie days followed by two higher-calorie days. 

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Additional Tips to Reduce Body Fat Percentage:

 1. Eat more: Eating! Yes, you heard it right! It is the key to lose weight, add more green veggies to your every meal. The veggies are dense in nutrient but lower down your calories, so you get filled up without getting fat and as well keep yourself healthy.

2. After every meal drinks a glass of water: Drinking Water is always healthy, I already mentioned it. This is effective to lose weight and as well stay healthy. So, after every meal tries to drink a glass of water, this keeps your body full and hydrated and even increase your metabolism rate.

3. Enjoy the meal out: You can eat out but refrain from ordering steamed chicken breast or something like that unless you a get a decent amount of protein and green veg, spinach which will be fine.

4. Become stronger: By shifting the weight you can make the workout more intense. If you add 1.5 kg worth of muscle to your body then you must burn about 1,050 extra calories in a week. According to the researchers, it is advised that you must do compound lifts such as the power clean and squat in order to burn your fat.

5. Go Green: Tea is the natural fat burner, so you can include it in your weight loss process. You can make a tea of lemon, or even go for green tea in order for your dull insulin response, and decreases your body’s fat and food storage.

6. Try to Speed up: The medium intensity of cardio ups the cortisol in order to burn the fat-storage unit. So try Tabata row: 10 seconds’ rest, 20 seconds’ work, then repeat it 8 times. Manage about 100 meters every interval.

7. Taste Spicier Food: Capsaicin is the compound which gives heat as the chilli peppers that also play cheerful havoc with the metabolism rate. If you add paprika in your burgers than this can be the best fat burning feast.

8. Drink Milk: There are many pieces of evidence that say calcium deficiency slows the metabolism rate. According to research, it shows that consumption of calcium through dairy foods lower down the fat level yoghurt or –fat-free-cheese contributes the reduction of fat absorption from other food sources.

9. Boost your Vitamin D level: This does not mean that you have to sit for hours under the sun to increase the Vitamin D level in your body. You can even absorb Vitamin D from foods also it is an essential for the preservation of muscle tissue. It is recommended that if you intake 100g piece of salmon you get 90% of Vitamin D. Thus you need to make a habit to eat a plenty of milk, eggs, fish and cereals in order to increase its content.

10. Take a lot of fiber: The researchers say there are some of the fibers which burn about 30% of your body fat. According to the studies, it has been found that the people who consume the more amount of fibers gaining less weight at a period of time. Thus you must aim to have around 25g of fiber per day.

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Final Thoughts:

Well, this is all about the how to lower body fat percentage.

Here I have given the complete information including the overweight stages and what you need to do to lower body fat percentage.

Additionally, you can also find out some of the effective tips to shed extra fat efficiently.

I tried my best to put together the complete information regarding how to lower body fat percentage.

Apart hat below you can find out the alternative weight loss solutions. These are safe and effective to lose weight. Check them out and select anyone to shed fat easily and naturally.

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