Guidelines To Manage Weight On A Day To Day Life Effectively


Looking to lose weight but not finding the right process or don’t know where to start. Then here check out the guidelines to lose weight and get the sexy figure that makes other drool.   

Overweight is something that most of the people are dealing with and looking for the ways, tips and secrets how to lose weight.

Well, plenty of information is available online as well as various weight loss supplements to shed extra fat and get in shape back.

But the question arises here is it REALLY WORTH!!!

The short and simple answer is NO!!!

Well, this doesn’t mean the information provided on the web is not useful or wrong, this is useful but not complete.

As while looking for weight loss, there are various types of information such as dieting tips, exercises, yoga, lifestyle changes and lots more.

And these all helped us nothing but confuse us.

So today in this article I am going to describe the complete information about weight loss.

Here check the complete guidelines about how to manage your weight and get in shape safely.

To lose weight efficiently positive attitude always works well.  And make use of the below-given guidelines to manage your weight.

Guideline 1: Diet


Weight loss does not mean to eat less food or stay hungry. In fact, you need to add the right food to your diet plan can give you better slimming results.

This is helpful as the body quickly adjust to how much you are eating and if you eating too little this will go into starvation mode.

And as the body gets used to fewer calories, and retain more calories than normal. So it is important to eat the right food that is low in calories and keep your energized and as well metabolism up.

1. Eat high-fibre foods

Many dieticians have confirmed that food containing lots of the fibre is best for weight loss.

Commonly the fibre containing food can help you feel full and keep your metabolism up.

There is some of the fibres food that burns about 30% of the body fat.

So include the whole grain foods, oats, brown rice, lean meat, fish, nuts, beans, peas and lentils.

Make an aim to take at least 25 grams of fibre per day.

2. Drink Milk:

There are many pieces of evidence that confirm that calcium deficiency slows down the metabolism rate.

 So drinking milk is the good source of gaining calcium for your body.

In a research, it is confirmed that calcium consumption through the dairy foods lowers the fat level. Yoghurt or fat-free cheese is effective for the reduction of fat absorption from other food sources.

3. Include Fat-Burning Herbs

Many dieticians often recommend including the healthy herbs in your diet this is not only effective for weight loss but also healthy.

Incorporate the herbs like turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, dandelion for healthy and tasty weight loss.

You can add a bit of cayenne pepper to seasoned chicken, make use of turmeric while cooking or sprinkle it on salad, you can also add the half teaspoon of cinnamon powder to your smoothie or in other dishes to add some taste and smell better.

Drink the dandelion tea in the morning to lose weight naturally.

4. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and skipping it means missing the essential nutrients.

It is necessary to start the day with the right food to fuel your body.

Eating healthy breakfast will give you energy for the whole day and prevent you from craving unhealthy snacks.

Add the healthy items in your breakfast like nuts, fresh fruits, sprouts, eggs, milk and others

5. Stay Hydrated:

Just like eating healthy it is also important to drink plenty of water as well.

Drinking plenty of water is a key to promote healthy weight loss.  It keeps the fat toxins out of the body and also boosts the metabolism of the body.

In a day one should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water, try to drink plain water instead of drinking soda water, coke, caffeine and others drinks.

However, you can even add lemon to the water to taste better.

These are the effective diet tips that you can follow if you looking to lose weight.

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Guideline 2: Exercise or Yoga

Exercising or doing yoga is essential for overall health but when it comes to losing weight it becomes even more important.

Doing exercise will boost your metabolism, burn calories and even tone muscles.

So, implement some easy and effective exercises into your daily routine to manage your weight.

6. Walking

Walking is the best exercise to lose weight. Try to include 30 minutes of regular walking in a regular routine and you can burn 150 calories daily.

This is easiest and low-intensity weight loss exercise.

And if you are a beginner, start your day by walking 3 days per weeks for at least 20-25 minutes daily.

After that, you can gradually increase the regularity and duration of your walks till 30-60 minutes daily and six times a week.

So, to lose weight includes this first and easiest weight loss exercise.

Just put on your walking shoes, turn the music on and walk off the weight.

7. Swimming

Swimming is another effective workout that burns fat, helps you get stronger, fit and healthy than ever.

Forcefully swimming will help you burn up to 500-700 calories in an hour, it doesn’t matter you are swimming in freestyle or breaststroke.

This is the essential exercise for losing weight and toning your body.

The entire major muscles groups are employed while swimming, the abdominals and the back muscles of the arms, legs glutes and hips.

This might be the unique form of fitness but very effective to shed pounds and trim your inches.

8. Zumba

Zumba is for those who won’t feel like sweating in the gym. Doing Zumba will help you to lose extra body fat and burn more calories.

This is effective as this help you to release stress, boost the energy level and improve strength.

Zumba includes forceful exercises and high-intensity movement that help you to slim down by burning fat.

This is one of my favourite weight loss exercises as it includes many dance routines, upbeat music, twists, squats and most probably fun as well.

9. Include Weight Lifting

Weightlifting is the fastest way to lose weight.

Building muscles are helpful for losing weight and boost the metabolism as well.

This exercise is highly advantageous for losing the belly fat. This is an effective exercise for ladies also.

Ladies and get the tones look by lifting the weight, so try this weight loss exercise and include it in daily routine.

10. Yoga

Yoga is a secret weapon to stay healthy and as well lose weight.

This is very effective as this makes your body more flexible and healthy.

Doing yoga needs and balance and constancy, and this encourages functional strength and as well mental health.

Most probably doing yoga will provide peace to your mind and releases stress.

You can include some effective yoga poses like Ustrasana Yoga pose, Boot Camp and other effective yoga poses to shed fat fast.

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Guideline 3: Lifestyle

Lifestyle matters a lot to your health and body.

A healthy lifestyle will let you stay healthy and fit, but if you having some unhealthy habits than this affects your body, health and physique as well.

Commonly in our busy lives, we develop some unhealthy changes in our lifestyle and this later invites several diseases, obesity and overweight as well.

So here know what lifestyle changes you need to include in your daily life to shed fat and live a healthy life.

11. Go for Stairs

Include some changes in your daily routine like make use of stairs in place of going for lift or escalators.

This is an easy exercise to burn more calories and boosts your metabolism.

Regularly climb 2-3 minutes of stair climbing is enough to burn calories.

It is good enough for more than waistline. So try to include this change in your regular routine.

And every time when you get chance to make use of stairs instead of going for escalators or lift.

12. Avoid Boozing

Drinking alcohol has the negative impact on strength and as well packs extra pounds.

Alcohol consumption can add lots of calories and drawback to losing weight.

There is no any good thing related to boozing than how it can be helpful for weight loss.

So, if you are having the habit of consuming alcohol than prevent this habit as soon as possible.

13. Eat Healthy Snacks

Eating snacks are the common thing and there is nothing bad that getting the urge to snacks at evening time.

So, in this case, try to avoid the snacks that are high in calories, or have sodium in it.

Instead of going for junk food, include some healthy snacks such as almonds, walnuts, fresh fruits and green veggies salads, peanut butter, whole grain crackers and other healthy snacks and good choices.

Also be sure on how much you are eating, as the nuts are high in calories and eating more can add considerable calories to the diet.

14. Use Small Plates

This is helpful to trick your brain that you are full.

Small plates have less space to fill food and this makes your plate look like full.

And this is the stated by the researchers that you could eat 20% less and there are chances you will feel full after finishing the food.

Try to eat slow and drink a glass of water before starting the meal, this will avoid the portion distortion and contributes fewer calories consuming.

This is an effective change to contribute weight loss

15. Have a Good Sleep

Sleep is important just like eating healthy and exercising to shed pounds.

Poor sleep increases the risk of stress, obesity, depression and weight gain.

At least sleep for 8-10 hours for less weight gain and feel fresh energetic in the morning.

This is essential as this reduces the stress level, heal faster and prevent depression and cut down the extra pounds.

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Guideline 4: Prevention:


To lose weight there is something that you need to implement and as well some of the things to cut down.

Weight loss is not an easy task and if not done in a healthy way this can task harder.

So, try to implement the good thing and prevent the things that are not good for you.

16. Eat Less Refined Carbs

When you are looking to lose try to avoid the refined carbohydrates.

The refined carbohydrates are common sugar or the grains that are uncovered in their nutritious parts like white bread and pasta.

In the studies, it is mentioned that refined carbs can increase the blood sugar and leads to hunger and increase the food intake capacity.

Refined carbs are linked to obesity and food cravings.

So, if you are eating carbs, assure to eat them with natural fibre.

17. Avoid Eating while Watching Television + Eat slow

Many of us have the habit of eating while watching TV and eating fast. In a research, it is mentioned that these are the sign of overeating.

Try to focus on your meal and what you eating to avoid overeating and cut down the number of calories.

Chew your food well while eating and consider a mindful eating.

This is the good change in your lifestyle and favours weight loss.

18. Avoid Stress

Stress is not good for health this can cause increased eating and more food cravings.

It might happen you develop some stress in the office, or family try to reduce it.

This can also impact the sleep, and as a result, contribute weight gain.

Do the job that provides you inner peace or happiness and feels relaxed.

19. Skip frying, and Cut down on Oil.

The healthy food can go bad if dropped in a fryer.

So, instead of frying a dish in oil pop the dish in the oven.

If you have the habit of eating fried food make use of the non-stick pan to sauté food.

You can even rub oil into a pan with paper towel for a light coating.

20. Don’t Just get Bore

Try to engage yourself; this is highly fruitful to achieve anything.

Incorporate some healthy habits like walking, cleaning house, weeding the garden, dancing or else you can even have a great sex to burn more calories.

This will help you burn more calories and boost the metabolism.

Set your goal and go on moving.

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Summing it up:


So, this is all, when you are looking to lose weight and get a slim sexy figure!!!

Include the given detailed guidelines and manage your weight in a healthy way and easily.

All the 4 guidelines work the best to achieve your goal.

Apart from that keep yourself motivated, happy and whenever get time include some kind of physical activities it doesn’t matter whether it is burning the bed with your partner, cleaning your house, playing with your children or participating in the marathon or social works.

So don’t just be a bore, get up and give your 100% effort achieve the desired physique that makes other drool.

Below check out some of the alternate weight loss solutions. Read them and make use of anyone as per your desire…

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