7 Best Foods That Help You Get Flat Abs in a Week


It is often embarrassing and uncomfortable to carry unwanted weight or abdominal bloating around your midsection.

The only difference between the two is bloating is normally a momentary abdominal condition that is caused by lifestyle factors or even a medical conditions such as heart or liver disease or by the reaction to certain foods.

It is a major problem for many people as they are also found suffering from various health issues.

Belly fat is not only bad for the health but also put the entire impression down, so if you want to flatten your belly then the best way is to start losing weight or burning extra fat.

Well, in my earlier article I have described with you the best belly fat burning exercises that help you to flatten your abs.

But today in this article I am going to share with the best food that helps you to get flat abs easily.

Best Foods To Get Flat Stomach

Below learn about the effective flat belly diet that helps you get rid of excess fat from the abdominal area.

Check out the 7 best foods to get flat abs

Bonus Tip: Make use of the olive oil for lowering the cholesterol level in the body. Also, drink green tea for improving the metabolism and burning extra fat from the body.

1. Apples:

In a study of the journal, Nutrition it is stated that the overweight people if consumes three pears or an apple a day for 3-4 months can lose more weight as comparison to others who were fed a similar diet instead of fruits.

An apple is a great source of fiber and promotes weight loss. It also contains phenols that increases good cholesterol and lower the bad cholesterol. This also prevents heart disease and targets certain cancer.

Try for: Consume one or two apples daily. A research has shown that Cortland, Northern Spy and Red Delicious varieties had the maximum antioxidant activities.

2. Almonds:

As we all know almonds contain filling fibre and protein and also vitamin E a powerful antioxidant.

It is also a great source of magnesium that stabilizes your blood sugar levels. Many experts suggested that, eat at least an ounce a day that is 24 almonds that clocks in at 10 grams of monounsaturated fat.

Try for: An ounce a day or about 24 almonds with approx 160 calories will help you get flat abs in just a week.

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3. Green Leafy Veggies:

Eating the green leafy veggies will help you to flatten your stomach or lose belly fat. A cup of spinach has only 40 calories, a cup of broccoli contains 55 calories and as help you to fulfil 20% body fibre requirement.

The leafy greens are also a good source of calcium and include necessary ingredient for tightening your muscles.

Try for: Eat it at least 3 times daily, you can eat it in different ways such as into soups, salads, sandwiches, pasta dishes, and stir-fries. You can make use of arugula and broccoli as well for a change of taste.

Eating leafy greens will not help you to lose belly fat but also very beneficial for your health.

4. Berries:

Berries are loaded with fibre and the more fibre you eat the fewer calories you absorb from the other stuff.

Experts say it is better to get fibre between 26 to 36 grams every day so that they trap foods particles transfer them out of your system before they are completely digested. They are also high in antioxidant that protects you from many chronic diseases.

Try for: At least half a cup daily. Do not limit yourself typical suspects like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. You can also add black currants, gooseberries if you can find them.

5. Eggs:

Eggs are the great source of protein and often suggested by many Dietitians. It has lots of good quality but the best one is the ability to keep your full because of its amino fat, amino acids and proteins.

A research of Pennington Biomedical has shown that people who ate eggs in the morning, felt less hungry through the day.

Try for: Eat one egg a day unless you have high blood cholesterol. One egg packed about 213 milligrams of cholesterol and best to lose belly fat.

6. Yogurt:

The low-fat yoghurt is best to get a flat stomach and also best to provide a good source of calcium.

Yogurt contains the probiotic bacteria that make your digestive system healthy and avoid the issues of gas, constipation and bloating. This makes your tummy looks flat.

Try for: At least eats 2-3 cups of low fat or fat-free yoghurt. Try to eat the unsweetened yoghurt and for best result, you can also add fresh chopped fruits this will add flavours and extra fibre as well.

7. Soy or Soybean:

Soybeans are a great source of protein, fibre and antioxidants and also full of extreme resources.

A research has shown that overweight people who drank soy milk lost more weight than the people who consumed dairy based diet drink.

Try for: Twenty five grams of whole soy protein daily. Four ounces of tofu contains 10 grams protein and a half cup of steamed edamame contains 11 grams of proteins and 130 calories.

The Way Forward:

Include the given foods in flat abs diets to flatten your stomach naturally.

These are the effective foods that do not only help to get a flat stomach but also shed extra pounds. It is also highly beneficial for the health.

So try this tasty way to lose belly fat and get flat abs that make other drool.

Below I have listed some of the alternate weight loss supplements that help you to lose weight and get back in shape without putting much effort. Check out the complete review and if you feel like using then you anyone which you find best for you.

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