Effective Cumin Water benefits and Recipes For Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight? Then, this might give you some hope of happiness. Because according to researchers it shows that cumin seeds and powder can help you to jumpstart weight loss. It helps you to reduce weight and also improves your digestion and metabolism level.

So let me tell you about cumin seeds – You can find this cumin in a plant called cuminum cymium plant. Which is a second fashionable spice in the world and you can find it in the form powered or seeds. Do you know that this spice has got a unique weight loss power? And  can cumin cause weight loss? just scroll down to know the benefits of cumin .

Its flavor has been described as earthy, nutty, spicy and warm. And it has been used in traditional medicine. Research has also revealed some new benefits, such as promoting weight loss.

Egypt is a place where you can find the best quality of cumin, but this cumin mostly used in Indian curries. And you can add this cumin in different dishes such as stews, soup, grilled meat and vegetable curries, to impart flavor.

So in this article you’ll get to know about cumin powder and drinks for lose weight.

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What are the Health Benefits of cumin?

Cumin contains important components of hemoglobin, metabolic enzymes, and these components contain of rich source iron. Having cumin in the curries, helps in many processes like in digesting processes, boosting the immune system, and in stipulation of oxygen to bodily tissues. It consists of anti carcinogenic properties. Mainly it is valuable for arthritis patients and asthma patients and patients who are suffering from kidney problems or diseases.

Here we are having Jeera and cumin seeds which are used in maximum number of Indian dishes. Many people know this or not, it used for many path braking health benefits. You may be get surprised a touch of cumin seeds or powder can help in major weight loss.

As we know that cumin seeds and powder helps in jumpstart weight loss and decrease the body fat, and makes better unhealthy cholesterol levels. And in the process of digestion and metabolism it improves a lot.

Is cumin effective for weight loss ?

We know that cumin increases the temperature of our body. And it also increases the rate of metabolism of our body and it helps in reducing the weight. In conjunction cumin is also used including some other spices like ginger, black pepper, fenugreek, and turmeric powder while cooking food and help in digestive.

It helps in improving your digestive system which makes your body improves in absorption and assimilation. This helps in weight loss. Lets we talk about some benefits of cumin seeds.

1. Is it important of cumin seeds in diet?

In additional of essential oil and thymol in cumin seeds stimulate the salivary gland which helps in digestion of food. Another side it strengthen the sluggishness of our digestive system. Thus, if you are having problem in digestion then try it once, as there are many cumin seeds which will help to lose weight.

2. Using Cumin seeds for weight loss

While boiling a glass of water add to spoons of cumin seeds in that. Once the water color is turning into brown, off the gas and put the vessel on it. And make it cool to room temperature. Try to drink this water thrice a day so that it improves the digestion. Drinking everyday leads to weight loss.

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All Recipes Of Cumin Seeds To Lose Weight  

Here we’re with some cumin water for weight loss results and cumin water for weight loss recipe. Let’s look out!

  • Recipe 1 : Jeera Water Cumin Benefits In Reducing Weight

In reducing weight Jeera cumin has a important role and its benefits.

1. Digestion improves

If you having jeera water cumin improves the digestion and make us healthy. Jeera helps to release enzymes which reduce the fat and glucose and carbohydrates and helps from morning sickness, nausea.

2. Suppresses hunger:

There two barriers in the weight loss and they are cravings and hunger. Having jeera will reduce your hunger and fills out your stomach and it also used to reduce weight.

Recipe Preparation: Take a glass of water and boil and after sometime add jeera seeds in the glass, let it boil for some times. And know close it with the vessel on it and make cool for some time. So know here jeera water or tea is ready to drink.

  • Recipe 2 : Coriander, fennel seeds tea, Famous Cumin

In losing weight coriander seeds are also used. It makes you look swollen, and bloated, which increases the body weight. Fennel seeds are also plays a role in reducing weight and also increases rate of metabolic.

Recipe Preparation: Take a glass of water and add a one spoon of jeera seeds and fennel seeds and coriander metabolic. Make it heat for 4-5 times and bring it to boil.  Here your jeera tea ready to drink.

  • Recipe 3 : Having honey and Cumin Lemon for weight loss

Honey helps our body from detoxification as It is a antioxidant agent. It also helps from cardiovascular disorders and helps to reduce your weight. Lemon helps to cleanses our body from inside and it is also having detoxifying agent. Lemon helps to burn fat and also helps in reducing the weight faster.

Recipe  Preparation: Take a glass of water and add one spoon of jeera. And boil the water for few mints. And know add hone and lemon juice on it. Mix the whole things and know tea ready to drink.

  • Recipe 4: Cumin and Yogurt for weight loss

Yogurt is low fat it will keep you full for long. It helps to build muscles because it content protein. It also increases the metabolic rates.

Recipe  Preparation: Take 5 ounces of yogurt and cumin powder in a bowl and just mix it up.

  • Recipe 5 : Dhania and Jeera water for weight loss

Dhania and jeera water reduces swelling and bloating and it has low in calories. Let’s check out how to make this recipe.

Recipe  Preparation: Take a spoon of jeera seeds and add coriander seeds in a glass of water. And heat it for few minutes and pull the mixture and now your tea ready.

Cumin water for weight loss side effects and precautions

  • Over drinking of jeera water can leads to heavy blood flow during the time of menstrual cycle more then you expected. During you main days have jeera water sensibly.
  • For low down your sugar levels cumin water helps you. While having a surgery it can be problem at this time. Drinking jeera water should be stopped before few days of your surgery.
  • Cumin water contain narcotic effects. Over taking can leads to nausea, mental clouding. Try to check out your jeera water every day.
  • You can noted many people suffering from skin rashes and allergies after having jeera water for long period of duration. So people who are facing allergies should avoid taking jeera water.
  • It can also cause heartburn and though it cause gas issues in our body. People should not have jeera water excessively if he or she is suffering from heart issue.

Conclusion :

If you try the above mentioned steps and experiments then surely you will be observing with some awesome changes in your body. Weight loss is must thing after you follows these things. And also you’ll see some changes in the increasing your digestive health. You will think to have balanced meals and your energy level will surely increase.

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