4 Best Laxatives For weight loss

Many of us take a turn towards laxatives when we talk about or looking to lose weight.

It is a mainly bowel movement stimulants. But many people take these laxatives for weight loss as it make food to digest faster than before as it prevent the absorptions of calories.

Laxatives can work but over using or continuous using of laxatives can affect your health. So before you taking or consuming these laxatives to lose weight you should know about it before getting into it. In this blog you get to know what its types are and what the side effects are, how much you lose weight by using laxatives and more. Let’s check out!

On the other hand it is a sober concern towards protection/safety and helpfulness while taking Best laxatives for weight loss.

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Does Laxatives Help to Lose Weight?

Irregular bowel movements can take towards bloating and increase the weight around the stomach area. As many users doesn’t have a bowel movement regularly, as they feel lazy. Lazy and steady low energy take you towards stillness and succeeding weight gain.

It is a ferocious cycle where the user has less energy level, and it makes you tired and hungry maximum time and the digestive system will not able to clear. And our body will unable to intake the nutrients from the food what we eat which leads to malnutrition and weakness.

Through this article I’ll tell you about laxative usage and make you notice about the best brands of laxatives which will suitable for weight loss and reliability.

What Are Laxatives? And how it Works?

It is a medicine which stops and helps for the treatment of constipation by softening with the tool. And most of the herbal laxatives hold anthraquinones in which contract frequently by stimulating the colon and it is the reason for the emission of electrolytes and water inside the intestine. This makes you intestines work faster and helps to take out the materials.

Different Types of Laxatives

There many types of laxatives are present. Here find out some common ones:

Osmotic Laxatives

These Osmotic Laxatives are like milk, Epsom salts etc. It works while drawing water inside the intestines. It is an non-habit forming as comparing to stimulant laxatives, and for some of it medicines does not required prescription. And it also causes electrolyte imbalance, dehydration by over using it.

Bulk Forming Laxatives

It is one of the safest type of laxatives as it contain fibre and amplify fiber which helps to pushes the material out easily. Don’t try it by your own use it as you have been guided and overuse can be problem like intestine issues and stop absorption of nutrients.

Emollient / Lubricant Laxatives

It is safer than the other types of laxatives as you use them for limited periods. As they work by softening the stool. For examples are docusate, castor oil, mineral oil.

How Much Time Laxative Need To Work?

Time takes laxative to work, it depends on some factors:

  • It depends on the body weight
  • Depends on the food what you are eating.
  • Depending on what kind of laxative you are using.

4 Advantages Of Laxatives

Here are few advantages of laxatives:

  • It helps in laxatives treatment constipation which includes heath issues like flatulence, skin problems, and indigestion.
  • It helps in weight loss by removing blocked up issues and ward off constipation. It helps in detoxification.
  • Certain laxatives like Psyllium benefit heart health, if we see Psyllium weight of 10grams provides fiber which contains 7grams per day which makes to reduce 5% of cholesterol.
  • Castor oil are safe for constipated children.

How to select a laxative

It is avail in the form of capsules, teas, powder, oils, tablets etc. While selecting the product have it from your healthcare practitioner.

Have your powder or pills with a full glass of water. You can have the pills orally with and without take food. It will best to have it at night time because of this you will have a bowel moment in the next morning. At the downside take laxatives during the night which helps you from cramps.

Mineral oil and castor oil they both work very quickly. Don’t take castor at bedtime. After consuming milk or antacids, avoid laxatives.

To achieve your goals select a laxative  

  • Use saline agents or have massive laxatives for mild constipation.
  • For the severely constipated patients you need enema in addition to laxatives.
  • If it does not work properly then change the type of laxatives.
  • Check out the labels properly. If you go for good stool softener it may contain laxatives senna which is not required for us. Before this, give prior to your consult doctor for selecting the best.
  • It contains sweeteners which will affect your blood sugar levels. Chose sensibly. Many bulk forming laxatives cause abdominal cramps, bloating etc.

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Some Best Natural Laxative For Weight Loss

Lose weight with laxatives safely and gently:

  1. By Modern Products – Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxative Tablets

It contains ingredients like centaury herbs, papaya, caraway, calendula, parsley, peppermint, lemon verbena, star anise, peach tree leaves, and senna. This helps to get relief quickly. People who are suffering from colorectal cancer can safely have this natural laxative which does not have any adverse effects.

  1. Organic Smooth Move Tea

It contains Organic smooth move tea it is a popular laxative. It contains fennel, cassia angustifolia, senna, licorice, cinnamon, sweet orange, ginger and coriander.

If you want to get relive constipation than here smooth move tea is best thing to take. And have 1 cup of sweet tea. It makes relief for occasional constipation.

  1. MiraLAX Powder Laxative For Weight Loss

Many of us has been heard about this MiraLax Powder laxatives for weight loss. It is best recommended laxative by a doctor and has maximum sells in amazons. As compared to stimulant pills, it helps to increase fat which gently relief without cramps. It is an osmotic laxative. It contains polyethylene glycol.

  1. Senna-Time

It is made up of senna. Senna, it has been use from centuries to increase fast and get relief through overnight and it also a best laxative to lose weight overnight. Those who want a laxative It is a best products because contains senna. It is fast laxative which relief within 6-12 hours. Work on different condition like IBS, opioid therapy patients, elderly patients, low carb dieters.


Consider all the above factors when you are selecting best laxative for weight loss. If you want to repopulate the healthy gut bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract, find for colon cleanse that has Probiotics or choose a different probiotic supplement. I hope the above review on the laxatives helps to make a good choice.

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