5 Best & Effective Exercises to Lose Arm Fat Fast at Home


Saggy or flat arms are something that can ruin or put down your image in no time!

They are not only hard to carry in a slim fit dress or going sleeveless but also put your entire body language down. Well, this is something that both the girls and boys as dealing with.

The girls want slim & toned arms whereas the guys want huge muscles. No one likes flabby arms like this look bigger than they actually are.

So, if you are the one looking – how to reduce hand fat or lose arm fat, then this is never too late.

Here I’ll describe the best exercises to lose arm fat fast.  Following these exercises will not on reduce fat from arms but gives you the toned arms.

But before moving further first check out what are the causes of the fat, flabby arm.

Causes of  the Fat Arm

The arm fat is caused by the accumulation of excess fat in that area. The fat in the other part of the body can be easily reduced but it is a bit difficult to lose arm fat.

  • Well, the flabby arms are due to the gradual deposition of fat.
  • The other reason includes the growing age.
  • Our body tends to store more fat after an age of 20 in several parts of the body and lean the muscles to decrease. If the metabolism is reduced then the start increasing in the body parts and the arms as well.
  • As the person grows older, their metabolism decreases and as a result, only a few calories will burn.
  • However, not doing any physical activities is also one of the reasons for fat arms.

Well, these are some of the possible causes of fat arms. Now, below check out the exercises to reduce fat from arms 


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How to Lose Arm Fat

The back parts of the arms are triceps and are the highly affected areas on the arms. They are fat consumers, and this is really very annoying. But the BEST thing is that there are exercises to reduce fat from arms.

You can do the exercises even at home without going the gym. So try these simple exercises to reduce fat from arms:

Exercises To Reduce Fat From Arms

1. Weight Lifting


Weight-lifting is one of the essential exercises which help you to reduce arm fat as well as belly fat.

This exercise can tone your arms and it can be easily done at home. To perform this exercise, you should have an item to use as a weight.

You can try a 2-litre cold drink bottle or water bottle otherwise if you have dumbbells then it will be better. Whatever item you have, it should have a weight of around one kilo. Don’t select something which is breakable.

You have to hold the item with both hands and then lift it over your head. Make your arms straight and then lower the weight behind your back. Important to keep your upper arms close to head and ears.

This exercise will be better when you practice it in front of the mirror because this can improve the style. Do this for 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

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2. Scissors


This is another arm fat exercise and is really easy & funny to perform. It is known as the best cardio workouts to burn fat from your body.

This exercise is done by standing straight and then lifting your arms to shoulder height. After that stretch your arm to the side and then bring back to your front and the right hand should overlap the left. It looks like an open scissor.

After that stretch them to the side and again bring back to the front. This time, left arm should overlap right. This is a complete repetition and it should be done in 3 sets of 10 reps every day.

3. Arm Circles


To lose arms fat, arm circles is another exercise which shape and tone the flabby arms. This can be performed with or without weights.

It is a low impact exercise for weight loss and can be done by following the vegan 7-day plan.

In this exercise, you have to stand with your feet placed shoulder width and the arms extend straight to sides which should be raised at shoulder height.

After that do 50 circles with your hand in forwarding directions and switch 50 circles same in the backward direction. This movement will help to shed the fat from triceps, shoulders, and biceps along with back muscles.

4. Single Arm Lateral Raise


Single arm lateral raise is one of the best exercises to reduce fat from arms. Even effective in strengthening core muscles.

This should be performed in a push-up position with knees and hands directly placed under the shoulders and you can hold a weight in left hand. After that raise your torso up until your right hand becomes tight and straight and you left hand should raise parallel to the floor.

Stay in this position for few moments and after that lower the body slowly to the starting position. Repeat this exercise by switching on the other hand.

This is very effective to lose arm fat fast.

5. Counter Push Ups


Counter push-ups is also an amazing exercise which can tone arms and it can be easily performed at home by using a table or kitchen counter.

Do this exercise by facing the counter with arms on edge and feet touching the base of a counter. Now move back from counter unless you feel your body is leaning forward on tiptoes.

This exercise needs a balance and your feet and back should be straight. After that bend your elbows and come down until you touch the counter.

Then straighten your elbows and back to your beginning position. Doing 3 sets of 20 reps every day will help you to burn fat from arm area.

Know check out some helpful tips that you need to include in your daily life for natural weight loss.

 Tips To Lose Arm Fat and Weight Loss Naturally

Well, following exercises and hard works are effective but following some tips in your daily life will help you cut the fat that has set down in wrong places.

  • Count Calories – Set the target to reduce 500 calories from your everyday diet and this will count up 3500 calories in one week. It is equal to 2 pounds of weight loss per week.
  • Eat Breakfast – In this busy life, we tend to skip our breakfast to rush to work, office and others. But this is wrong, avoid doing this. As this will lead to excessive eating in the entire day
  • Drink Plenty Water – Drinking excess of water is not only helpful in losing weight but also removes the extra toxin from your body and keeps you healthy. Also lowers the intake the sugary beverages and alcohol.
  • Set Smaller Plates – Eating meals on the smaller plates will help you reduce the partitions and gives the sensation you have eaten
  • Avoid Eating Unhealthy Snacks – Avoid eating unhealthy sugary and salty snacks as this affect your health and gains extra fat in different parts of your body.
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