The Ultimate Ayurvedic Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Now a day’s weight loss has been become a big issue in everyone’s mind. Everyone is likely to become slim and trim. Then everyone needs to follow a appropriate diet plan to lose weight.

Gaining fat in our body is not good for our health and also effects on our impression too. So don’t be worried, we are here with some best ayurvedic weight loss secrets, so start following those to brun your extra fat. And before restoring to medication or liposuction, try the below ayurvedic diet plan for weight loss.

So in our last post we have disused about 1200 calories diet that helps to burn fat and make you slim which helps to lose weight with the help of 1200 calories diet. And now through this blog I’m going to share about ayurvedic diet plan for weight loss that helps to burn fat and make you slim-trim.

Eating Ayurvedic diet provides guiding principle for what we need to eat, when we need to eat, what we need to eat to boost our health, retain wellness.

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What is Ayurvedic Diet?

It is a especial practice which has been originated from India and about 500 years old. Ayurveda derives from Sanskrit. Ayurveda has been described in two words ayur means life and veda means science. Literally it is known as “the life of science”. Ayurveda medicine is something that creates a healthy, slim and physically powerful body through the different sequence of diet, exercise and need sleep and mindfull life.

We Need Ayurvedic Diet for Weight Loss or Wellness?

If you are starting to Ayurvedic diet for weight loss there are many different issues need to be consider for improved health or weight loss. As it has issue effectiveness and you need to sure the plan you have been chosen is supported by proof. And secondly you need to be loyal. Choose the eating plan which you maintain for long time if you need weight loss result in your body. Let’s check out eating ayurvedic principles.

Ayurvedic – Eating Principles

This Ayurvedic eating principles practice helps you to have special traits of food. Let’s have some basic ayurveda for weight loss remedies practice:

  1. Eating six different tastes and rasas

During each meals, you’ll find foods with including salty, sweet, bitter, sour, astringent and strong. As everyone starts their meals with sweet taste example for fruits and then you’ll have food which salty example seafood, and now you’ll taste sour for example citrus fruit, then at the end you’ll like to have pungent example peppers or onions, and astringent like tea, green apple.

  1. Intake mindfully and have with attention

Try to avoid having laughter and some other distraction food which fully thankful for the meal and other nourishing benefits through it we get.

  1. Intake Slowly

Try to intake slowly so that that you can appreciate the flavor of the meal or food.

  1. Intake quickly

Intake your food quickly so that it will you have food not to get cold.

  1. Have food or meal only if your food been digested

Should have its own suggestion not to consume food within three hours of your before meals. You need to intake humble breakfast and good satisfying lunch and about dinner it should be decide according to your feeling towards hunger.

  1. Start Your Day with 2 or 3 Cup Of Warm Water And Lemon.

This remedy helps you in cleanse your body system and also increase the metabolism. Remember it is should be regular.

  1. Have ginger tea

As everyone know it a herbs which helps to increases the metabolism and digestion. If you have this ginger tea between your meals on a regular basis it will help you in increase metabolism and digestion power.

  1. Stay Away From Dairy

Daily means sticky, hard to digest and heavy and it increases kapha in our system which increase in weight gain. Try to stay away of all dairy leaving goat cheese, goat milk and goat yogurt.

  1. keep away from refined sugar

This one is the easier said than done. Stay away or eliminate all refined sugar from your diet and put limit on all other natural sugars like honey, maple syrup, sweet fruits etc.

  1. Avoid all wheat, gluten, refined grains, processed and preserved foods

These type food types are known as increase Kapha, and decrease the metabolism and digestion, and it produce toxins in the system and which leads to weight gain. Although leaving everything at once may not be possible which is out of question, you should be strict on leaving one food at a time and continuing from there.

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Ayurvedic Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Follow below mention simple diet plan about how to lose weight fast-ayurvedic diet way and it’s especially for Ayurvedic principles which help you to get slim and maintenance toned and balanced body.

Breakfast – During breakfast tries to have hot water or ginger tea, hot water must be with fresh lemon or with honey in empty stomach. And have it with fruit stew like – pears, berries, apples. There is one more option you can have it with buckwheat muffin and have oat bran with a sprinkle of raw honey.   

Lunch – It is largest meal of the day. Here are some diet tips that help to lose weight and plan your meals like this following: 

Have half vegetables that doest don’t have starch on it like lettuce, bok choy, spinach, cauliflower, turnips, okra. Have One-fourth of grains that have sufficient fire energy and rye toast. And have one-fourth of proteins like freshwater fish, beans, eggs, chicken. And try avoid snacks before your lunch it would lead you to weight loss  

While Evening Snacks – have sunflower, kale chips, apples and dried fruits like raisins, cranberries, apricots.

Dinner – Try to have your dinner as lighter as possible. Heating spiced soup adding ginger, cumin, pepper and fenugreek. And finish your dinner before 5 or 6pm which help your stomach to natural detoxification processes and make you feel hungry before you go to sleep.

At time of Dessert – As usually people like to have sweet but we have to balance it with spicy. Drink milk which contain low fat add a touch of saffron with it.

Guidelines for Mindful Eating

If you looking for more tips about how to lose weight fast way, so here are some basic points-

  • Try to have your food according to the season.
  • Try to have breakfast little less than before and smaller dinner.
  • Add raw honey, ghee, dates and almonds in your ayurvedic diet plan.
  • During meals at evening have hot, soupy and vegetarian type of meals.
  • You need to avoid evening eating starches, fish and fowl.
  • Including barley, non-cream soups, wheat, green gram cooked in water and vegetables which has been steamed, roast it with extra virgin olive oil.
  • If you are routine to eat deserts at night then try cooked fruits.
  • Try to leave yogurt, cheese, meat and rich desserts, leftovers of any type, processed foods or cold food.


Ayurvedic diet has been consuming by millions of people from thousands of years and it has been accepted across the world that it is a key component of overall health and wellness. As people know  there are many objects of the eating plan that comes over to nutrition fundamentals practiced by western medical and health experts.

If weight loss is your goal, you’re likely to see results if you adopt an Ayurvedic diet and build meals around whole, unprocessed foods and mindful eating practices.

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