Achieve Perfect Weight With Intuitive Eating


intuitive eating

I have often seen my friends disheartened because of not losing their weight after following a proper diet. So, shift for the anti-diet approach to weight loss. In this article, you will come to know how to lose weight with Intuitive Eating.


Then, you might be wondering what is Intuitive Eating?

The anti-diet concept is mainly based on intuitive eating. Intuitive eating can be also named as, non-dieting or the non-diet approach, conscious eating, normal eating or wisdom eating.

An intuitive eating approach towards the self-control, mindful eating, and teach people what to eat at what quantity. Its main intention is to create a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body.


Principles of Intuitive Eating

The ideology behind the intuitive eating is to increase the food awareness and practice mindful eating.

  1. Eliminate dieting from your mind – People think escaping meals or making the quantity of meal half leads to reduce the body weight. But if it does not work you will be sick or after few days if are not able to continue this and again take the meal at same quantity as you used to have before will let you gain back all the weight even more.
  2. Try to identify your hunger – If you are really hungry then only eat. Avoid unnecessary chewing.
  3. Be friendly with foods – Eat each and everything you like. Just eliminate overeating and overwhelming habit of yours.
  4. Face the police of food – food police is a set of rules created by dieting so, challenge it and receive victory on it and return to intuitive eating.
  5. Respect your completeness – Observe the signal of your body that let you know that you are no hungrier. So, at that point of time stop eating your meal and keep yourself aside with foods.
  6. Satisfaction level should be realized – It is said because generally people are never satisfied with what they have. So, always keep the food in your meal at the small quantity and satisfy yourself that you have taken enough food. This practice will help you to avoid excessive eating (eating more than your actual hunger).
  7. Don’t interlink your feelings with food – People generally going through emotions like anger, loneliness, anxiety or boredom thinks they can resolve these issues by eating. This may make you feel comfortable for short term but, it will make you feel worse in long run.
  8. Listen to your body – Just like if your shoe size is 8 and size 6 is given to you, definitely you will be uncomfortable wearing it. In same way have only that much of food, your body required. But it does not mean you have to go for dieting.
  9. Feel different with exercise – Exercise over here does not mean you have to do weightlifting and all. In this case, exercise means be active, move your body in spite of sitting at the corner.
  10. Maintain your health – Weight is not gained because of one-time having snacks or junk food it is because of constant eating of all these kind of food. But your health can be affected by having it once also. So, eat nutrient foods not to lose weight but to be healthy.


Key features of Intuitive Eating

  1. Permission of eating each and everything you desire whenever you are hungry.
  2. Eating for your body, not for the emotional reasons
  3. Depending on hunger decide how much to eat


Benefits from Intuitive Eating

  1. It lowers the body mass indexes
  2. It builds the healthier mindsets about foods
  3. It generates acceptance of better body
  4. It helps to higher the self-esteem of an individual
  5. It minimizes the stress and cortisol level
  6. More optimistic
  7. Make us aware of the physical sensation (such as hunger v/s fullness)
  8. Less dieting and bingeing concept insert into our mentality
  9. It improves our digestion process
  10. Hold back your appetite and make you feel fuller for longer

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How can you become more Intuitive Eater?

You can be more Intuitive eater just by keeping these 6 things mentioned below in your mind:

  1. Accept it diet won’t be reducing your weight
  2. Give your body required calories, in terms of losing weight don’t over disperse the calories of your body
  3. Avoid categorizing the food items, instead of it adding nutrients rich food in your meal and reduce highly processed foods quantity in your meal
  4. Always eat when you’re hungry, not when you want
  5. Find other ways to handle your stress and emotions rather than taking help of foods
  6. Accept natural body shape, make a goal of having healthy body don’t force yourself to be a smaller


So, many may be surprised and other may be happy to know without scarifying your taste you can be healthy, fit and can also manage the body weight. It’s mainly our mindset, if we keep our mind healthy our body will automatically be healthier. So, adopt the following tips in your life and enjoy the benefits of Intuitive eating.

Keep doing intuitive eating….