6 Common Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight

unhealthy ways to lose weight

Number of ways is available for weight loss that’s actually perilous to your mental and physical well-being. Some of them have been discussed below to help you avoid them.

Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight

No-Calorie Diet: Healthy fats are actually helpful in burning fat. Regrettably the trend called zero-calorie is quite popular and people consume damaging mock sweeteners.

Drugs and Pills: Miserably cocaine and other drugs are frequently used as weight-loss supplement. But to be honest they are slow poison and can affect your heart and brain. Supplements should be facilitated with healthy food intake also to acquire best results.

Fad Diets: Eating a diet that’s not balanced will never aid you in losing weight and can actually inhibit any weight-loss.

Skipping Meals: This technique may make sense but in reality this is quite harmful method of weight loss. Function of metabolism increases after you eat and when you start skipping meals then metabolism slows down and leads to gaining weight.

Laxatives: Usage of pills, supplements and other substitutes is not a new concept but continuous use will deteriorate your digestive system and may lead to abdomen related problems.

Smoking: This is an indirect way of losing weight because smoking suppresses hunger and thus eating will gain less fat. Vague signals are sent while smoking the brain which boost metabolic speed, and destroy hunger. But let me tell you that this method make your body more prone to cancer and other deadly infections.

How to Prevent Overweight and Obesity?


overweight and obesity

If you follow a healthy lifestyle then it will help you to prevent overweight and obesity. The lifestyle of a person starts from their childhood habits. Therefore, it is parents and families job to support and encourage their children to make healthy choices. Nevertheless, if you have grown up looking to stop weight gain and control obesity then find out below what you should do:

Make sure to follow a healthy lifestyle, such as:

  • Follow a healthy eating diet. Choose healthy food, always keep in your mind that how many calories you needs and your family member needs and must concentrate on the balance of the energy IN and energy OUT.
  • Must focus on the quantity of the food. While consuming fast food or other foods in hotels and other restaurants watch the quantity of the food you are having. Because the portion served are normally enough for one or two people. As compared to adults, food portion sizes should be smaller. So, cut back the portion sizes if it is enough or more. It will help in maintaining the energy IN and energy OUT.
  • Do not spent more time on screen. Limit the use of computer, TV, DVDs and video games and take out time for physical activities. Health experts suggest only 2 hours or less time should be spent on screen in a day.
  • Make sure to have 8 hours of sleep. As per the health experts shows that if a person misses even an hour or two of sleep then it will push them to have junk food next day because the prefrontal cortex – a part of the brain which is responsible for self-control is compromised due to loss of sleep.
  • Regularly keep track of your body weight, body mass index and waist circumference as it will give you the report and according to that, you can maintain your diet.

About Phentemine 375phentemine 375

Phen375 is a famous weight loss supplement that is made with the combination of five different ingredients and all of the ingredients are produced and refined in a pharmaceutical environment which guarantees to give purest, powerful and strongest product. The manufacturer of Phen375 claims that you can notice the result with 2 weeks, but remember this is only claims. However, if you are looking or quick result then you should follow the proper diet, regular exercise along with the intake of Phen375. There is no magic cheat, phen375 help and can aids you with weight loss.

Phentemine 375 retails worldwide and has many users around the different corner of the world. Most of the consumer has reported positive result and report that this weight loss diet pills is effective, but many customer found it very expensive. So, if you are looking to lose weight faster, then you can go for Phen375 supplements as it can help you to lose weight.

Benefits of Phen375

If you are finding very difficult to lose weight, then you might want to opt Phen375. It is a powerful weight loss supplement that acts as fat burner and appetite suppressant, helping consumers to lose weight faster.

Below find out some of the benefits of Phen375:

  • Helps in Fast Weight Loss – If you are not able to lose your weight with maintaining proper diet and weight loss routine, then is such case you can use Phen375. It is made to help you to lose maximum pound every week. One can lose up to 3 to 4 pounds every week.
  • Increase Metabolism – In order to lose weight your body needs to burn fat faster. Phen 375 increases the metabolism thereby it enhance the rate at which it burn calories. So, if you want the result in a quick period of time then this is the product you need.
  • Appetite Suppression – If you eat less and move more then it will help you to lose weight. Well, it is somewhat true. Phentemine 375 is made to help suppress appetite and it will stop food cravings. You will feel less hunger and thereby it will help you to lose weight.
  • Safe to Use – This product is manufactured under FDA registered facilities thereby it is safe and effective to use.

Other Benefits of Consuming Phen375

Health Benefits:

  • Boost energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduction of aches and pains
  • Overall contentment

Life Benefits:

  • Better look
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Feel more self-confidence
  • Improved enthusiasm for Life
  • Participation in more activities

Quick Tips to Lose Weight

Find out the successful tips to lose weight below. It is obvious that eating less and moving more is the key secret to lose weight. And these tips will boost your weight loss efforts.

  • Eat Slow – When eating, the body takes almost 15-20 minutes to feel fullness. One can save up to 70 calories if they eat slow. If you make the habit of eating slowly then it will help you to lose weight about two pounds in a month.
  • Consume Water-filled foods – You can eat water-filled foods such as salads, soups, watermelon because it will help you to feel fuller in just fewer calories. And as per the researcher, if you start your meal with a broth-based soup, it will help you to avoid from eating more and thereby boost your weight loss effort.
  • Make sure to have breakfast – As per the research study it has shown that people who do regular breakfast are more successful at losing weight. So, you should start eating your breakfast with full of fiber and protein because it will keep you fuller all morning.
  • Move away from the screen – While having lunch or dinner just move away from the screen. If you do so, no matter what you are eating will help you from over-eating and will keep you feel fuller.
  • Increase your fiber intake – If you increase the daily intake of fiber then it will help you to avoid weight gain and may promote weight loss. As per the research study people who has increased the daily intake of fiber has normally lost their weight than who decreased the fiber intake has gained the weight.