1200 Calories Diet Plan For Controlled & Effective Weight Loss

Do you want to slim down? Then you need to follow a suitable diet plan to burn fat from your body.

Having fat in your body is not good for health and it also makes our impression down, so don’t be worried if you want to slim down then the best way is to start following 1200 calories diet or try to burn extra fat.

In my earlier blog we have been discussed about Effective Cumin Water benefits and Recipes For Weight Loss that helps to lose weight with help of seeds. And now through this blog I’m going to share about 1200 calories diet that helps to burn fat and make you slim.

This diet will help us to meet our required basic nutrient, which varies from 1200 – 1800 calories. And the main aim of this plan is to balanced nutrition in our body with limited calories diet plan and also help you in fat burning process. And it contain nutrient filled food groups like fat, carbohydrates, protein which contributes only allowed percentages so that the entire meal plan together reaches the calorie limit. Let’s start with working principle for 1200 calorie diet plan for weight loss.

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Working Principle for 1200 calorie diet plan

As everyone knows that our body requires a minimum amount of energy so that it can maintain its function. And this can be done only with the help of food what we eat. This 1200 calories diet which make restriction on your calories that you take.

If there is insufficiency of calories, then whole stored fat will burn which helps to lose in weight. So end of the day the aim is to take the required nutrients that are enough for you to be healthy and still weight lose weight.

Easy 1200 Calorie Diet Plan – Recommended Features

Recommended features for 1200 calorie diet it should required protein, complex carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. One most prime thing to adding major food groups if the calories shortfalls it won’t make feel our body starving or tired. So below are some recommended 1200 calorie diet plan which you should follow.

  1. Adding Extra Complex Carbs

These carbs are important because it will keep your stomach full for longer time and hence won’t feel hunger.

Let me tell you some examples of entire grains Quinoa, Wheat, Brown Rice, Buckwheat etc. So users don’t do mistake of leaving carbs ahead.

  1. Oil Should Be Have Less Saturated Fat

Check out the oil which you are using must contain less saturated fat in it. As we know people in India use oil mostly for making dishes. So refer rice bran oil, canola, muster oil, which are safer choices.

  1. Consume Sufficient Proteins

Protein helps your lean tissues to be maintained. And it makes you feel full for longer time so that you won’t feel hunger.

Go for lean meats and other good protein sources. You can go for beans, eggs, seafood, nuts and dairy products that are low in fat.

I would tell you to have good types of proteins and lean meat sources. You can have eggs, beans, nuts, dry products, and sea food because these are having low in fat.

  1. Consume Small Normal Meals

These small normal meals helps to boost and with full of energy over the day. If you put yourself in starving state, that makes you to consuming unhealthful food.

  1. Try Not To Skip Meals

If you skip your meals means it will harm or damage your health. And if you go for 1200 calories diet plan in this you need least amount of calorie requirement. SO don’t try to skip your meals it will affect your health badly.

  1. Consume Freshly Fruits And Organic Food

These organic foods must be avoided, not only it will help you for weight loss and also makes you healthy. In organic food have chemicals because of this food lose its minerals quotient and vitamins.

In additional, these organic foods contain extra fats and salt which can be unhealthy for you and which will helps you in harder weight loss.

So makes your diet plan around the fresh fruits which contains rich sources of minerals and vitamins.

A 1200 calorie plan should not be generalized to everyone because every individual will respond to it differently.

So after consulting to doctor and careful studies still you would be think is this 1200 calorie pan is suitable, for this here is one Truweight’s Nutrition, which you can follow.

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 1 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Here we mention 1 day diet plan for weight loss which you have to follow same everyday for quick weight loss.

Waking up in the morning

Many people as they wake up in the morning like to have a cup hot coffee/tea. So if you are trying to have 1200 calories diet plan for weight loss, then you need to leave milk coffee or tea and instead of these you can have green tea. As all we knows about the advantages of the green tea, so add it in your diet plan.

Having Breakfast

Having a breakfast in the morning is the most important things during the day, try to have satisfying breakfast. So our Nutritionists, advise for egg, paneer, poha and you can have your breakfast upto 300 calories. If you following a diet plan it doesn’t make any sense that you will skip your starve. So try to startup your day with tight breakfast so that you won’t feel hungry for longer time.

During Lunch

So it is also of the important thing during the day. During lunch you can have daily roti or rice. Hence we advise you to have brown rice in the place of whole and white grain dals.

During Dinner

All we know how important dinner throughout the day, especially people who work for whole day aren’t always in time. So you can have chicken and lean meat as good protein sources. In dinner you can have lentils and paneer.


So if you are looking for an appropriate diet plan which goes through our body and health requirements? Consult a doctor before having a diet or if rushing into a popular weight loss diet may causes for bad health. Instead, try to find a best healthy diet which suits your body and simple 1200 calorie meal plan and try to do physical exercises on daily basis.

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