10 Everyday Activities You Can Use to Burn Calories

Burn Calories Doing Everyday Activities

Exercise is not only important for physical and mental health, but also for longevity. In our busy hectic schedule – life, career and family duties take superiority, that makes fitting a really challenging task. However, getting the daily dose of fitness doesn’t need to take backseat.  Health experts indicate that there are number of everyday activities you can use to burn calories. Perform these list of activities based on specific weighing 155 pounds. If you weigh less, then you need to increase either the time or intensity.

Home improvement and DIY jobs

Apart from office work do you have list of jobs to carry out around the home. DIY is good for you so it’s time to rap all the benefits from it.

We often tend to forget how much hard work goes into DIY: whether you are assembling furniture or painting the wall, it requires considerable amount of energy. If you want to get fitter this year then try updating your home.

Just find out how much calories you could burn with these jobs.

1. Go Grocery Shopping: Burn 260 calories

calories burned in daily activities

If you are like most of the people who go to grocery store at least once a week then combine you’re shopping into everyday trips. Spending at least an hour shopping can help you to burn 260 calories. If you want to increase it up then start with the heaviest items like push a cart full of cans and beverages through the store. If you want to buy heavy items then go into the deep-knee-bend squat while lifting them off the floor. Remember to breathe through your nose and keep your core involved.

2. Painting a room: Burn 306 calories

Burn 306 calories by Painting a room

Painting a room is always a fun loving job when there is a group involved. When you have moved all the furniture out of the way and are covered in splattering’s of paint that sweat makes you realize that this wasn’t an easy task.

On average, painting a room burns over 1200 calories in four hours, excluding the energy needed for moving all the furniture out.

3. Play with the kids: Burn 300 calories

calories burned in daily activities chart

Playing with your children, nieces, nephews is a gratifying and most enjoyable things you do. But do you know there is a bonus in doing this activity. You’ll burn almost 300 calories an hour!  So don’t forget that next time when you’re around with some little ones volunteer their play hide-and-seek, be their tea-party guest, or teach them a new game. Burn more calories by playing outdoor games. Game of Marco Polo will burn about 400 calories in 30 minutes.

4. Cleaning: Burn 171 calories

Burn Calories Doing Everyday Activities

It is very tempting to spot clean your floors. The best way to burn 330 calories per hour is to use a mop and bucket and clean your house. Turn on some music, grab a mop, bucket and soapy water start from a corner and clean your entire house.

This is a full-burst-of-energy and let you burn 330 calories.

5. Moving Furniture: Burn 408 calories

Burn Calories

While paining your room you need to move all the furniture out of the way. Moving your furniture can actually  burns an average of 408 calories, which is similar to playing 50 minutes of tennis. Isn’t it impressive? But that’s not all: moving your household objects and boxes can actually burn 478 calories an hour.

6. Mowing the lawn: Burn 376 calories

Mowing the lawn

You can seriously sweat mowing the lawn especially if you are pushing around heavy-duty mower in a large garden. Mowing the lawn can burn almost 400 calories in just an hour.

It is very healthy cutting the grass as it helps you to burn more calories.

7. Gardening: Burn 339 calories

Gardening: Burn 339 calories

We all know the benefits of gardening. With spring on its way it is time to prepare your garden  for summer. You will be pleased to know that gardening burns almost 700 calories in only two hours. It’s time to say HELLO to nature.

8. Feed Or Bathe The Kids: Burn 260 calories

Feed Or Bathe The Kids: Burn 260 calories

Some of the ordinary jobs in your life can help you to burn more calories. Your young ones can help you burn 260 calories for every hour if you spend time feeding and/or bathing them.

Wear comfortable and supportive shoes while feeding your small children.  Use your core to strengthen your entire midsection and maintain a good, solid posture. Don’t hunch, slouch your shoulders or tilt your pelvis forward.  Use a high-seated chair if you can’t stand longer.  This same principles goes while bathing the kids.

9. Wash The Car : Burn 334 calories

Wash The Car : Burn 334 calories

Everyone loves automated car washes, but do you know that with simple rinsing, washing and drying your own car, you can actually burn 334 calories in an hour. This is just the amount for a basic wash and dry. It doesn’t include vacuuming or polishing the interior or detailing those rims and tires. Your car won’t get cleaned on its own so next if you find long line at the carwash then instead of waiting in the queue take your car home and be the in charge. Take a hose and a bucket of soapy water and start cleaning it.

10. Put on your dancing shoes: Burn 233 calories

Put on your dancing shoes: Burn 233 calories

Put on your dancing shoes to burn 205 to 233 calories in just 30 minutes. If you really want to burn calories then you just need to break out your best twist or jitterbug. Be nonstop for 30 minutes. While you were tapping your feet make sure to keep your core engaged and use your inner-thigh muscles and hips. You can even burn calorie by doing classical ballet. Grab the chances to burn calorie.

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What Do You Think?

We’ve covered 10 everyday activities you can burn 200 or more calories in 30 minutes to an hour.  If you thing we missed out something then let us known in the comment below! We’d love to hear about it.

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